Yah, why does Ms. Rumford ask us so many questions?

(... to become intuitive and critical thinkers)

Betty Sue was once heard talking to her best friend, Billy Bob, on their way to their locker after Ms. Rumford's class. This is what happened....

"You know, Billy Bob, I heard Ms. Rumford say that she wants her students to think intuitively."

Billy Bob, shocked and confused responded, "What does that mean? Intuitive?"

"Well, I wasn't so sure myself so I grabbed a dictionary from the shelf and quickly looked it up in Webster's handy dandy book, it means 'quick and ready insight.' " Stated Betty Sue.

"Quick and ready insight? You mean I need to understand something quickly?" replied Billy Bob.

Betty Sue, confident in your findings agreed, "Ah, yah. I also think that it is suppose to be part of our daily lives. For example, if I memorize a complicated definition for science and I don't know how to use it, then I have not really learned the word to help me in my daily life. I have not made a foundation for my learning and I am not ready to apply the concept, because I never really learned it.

"Oh, I get it," shouted Billy Bob, I "may know what the word ‘cruel’ means, but I may not recognize that I was being cruel in mocking a handicapped student."

"Exactly!" reassured Betty Sue, "Which is why you have detention after school."

Just as Billy Bob and Betty Sue were about to reach their locker, Ms. Travis interjected, " she wants those principles ready and available in your minds for immediate translation into your everyday thought and experience. People need to make a practical insight for a necessary quick and ready application of the concept."

"Ohhhhh!" Exclaimed Billy Bob and Betty Sue simultaneously, "we get it, and we need to be more intuitive to show that we really learned the concept."

"Ms. Rumford will be so proud of her intuitive students," shouted Ms. Travis as she walked away from them and down the stairs.

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