Scrooge was a greedy old man. He never cared for anyone but himself. He thought money was better than anything. To him, money could fix everything. Scrooge never got friends because he rejected them. The only thing he wanted was loads of wealth and had no room for happiness and love. He preffered to be avoided and left alone. Greedy old Scrooge hated beggars. He would never give a single penny to any of them even if they needed it badly. Scrooge would never talk to anyone unless they wanted to do business.Scrooge never cared and he hated christmas. He hated Christmas because of what happened to him in the past and because it was a time of year for sharing, loving and charity and the worst thing Scrooge could think of doing was giving away money.

Christmas Past
Christmas Present
Christmas Yet to Come


Ebenezer Scrooge
Fred (Scrooge's Nephew)
Jacob Marley
Bob Cratchit

**Tiny Tim Cratchit**

Donald Duck as Ebenezer Scrooge