Character Summaries

Character Summaries

Ebeneezer Scrooge- He is the old hardhearted man who is met by the three mysterious spirits of Christmas. Scrooge has a negative attitude towards everything and definitely hates Christmas. "Oh! but he was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scrooge!" p. 2-3


Jacob Marley- Marley was Scrooge's business partner until he passed away, seven years ago. Jacob was greedy and worked with Scrooge, which is a similarity between the two. Marley fell for how Scrooge ran his business and Scrooge never apreciated what Jacob did for Scrooges entirprise.


Belle- She was Scrooge's love when he was a young kid. Scrooge was engaged to her but Belle broke it off with him, after she noticed his love forgreed and money, while no love for her. Belle ended up marrying another man which really hurt Scrooge.belle.jpg

Fred- Scrooge's oldest
nephew and is the total opposite of Scrooge because of his love for Christmas. Fred is a very joyful and he acts with much joy and consideration of others. When Scrooge looks back at what he had ignored and frogoten he wished he could have changed what he had done. "A merry Christmas, uncle! God save you!"cried a cheerful voice. p. 5

- Scrooge's oldest sister and the mother of Fred. Fan was always loving to her brother an even though Scrooge never excepted what his sister did to him he looks bcak in the past and sees that she loved him way more than he loved her, this is something he . It opened and a little girl, much younger than the boy, came darting in.....


Ghost of Christmas Past- Was the first spirit or ghost to visit Scrooge. He looked like a childed and had a ghostly head. The ghost or spirit takes Scrooge to his old school and also takes him back to his childhood lover named Belle.

Ghost of Christmas Present-
The second of the three spirits takes Scrooge to a group of houses that are not of the best quality but the ghost explains to Scrooge that the people are not rich and they are still happy. He also shows him what fun and happiness he could have in his life.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come- The last of the three spirits shows Scrooge what will happen if he continues to live the way he does. He shows Scrooge several groups of people talking about a dead man that has all of the characteristics of himself and he figures out that they are talking about him. This leads him to pleading that he will change and he asks all of the spirits to forgive him and he tells all of them that he will respect Christmas and all of the lessons that the spirits taught him.

Fezziwig- Was Scrooges business partner and held amazing Christmas parties and was popular because of these parties. He invited Scrooge year after year but he never came.


Tiny Tim- Tiny Tim is one of the most influential characters in the book but he his rarely talked about or mentioned. He plays a key role in Scrooge changing because when Scrooge sees him he notices that Tiny Tim is paralyzed and poor but he is still happy. Tiny Tim is Bob Cratchits son and he was born crippled. Tiny Tims Real name is Tim Cratchit. 1125improv_t220.jpg

Bob Cratchit- Bob is Tiny Tims dad and he is Scrooge's clerk, a kind, mild, and very poor man with a large family. Though treated harshly by his boss, Cratchit remains a humble and dedicated employee.dre0832l.jpg

Two Portly Gentlemen- These two guys visited Scrooge at the begging of the book and Dickens used foreshadowing to show us what they were going to be in the book. Scrooge eventually meets up with them at the end of the book.