If there's something that you want to tell about, related to the book, or something that you don't understand, this is the place for you!

If you suddenly find something in the book that you want others to comment on or you want others opinion about it, then you write it here. If there's something you really don't understand about people , things, or places, then you can write it here as well. Your questions or discussions don't have to be supper long, they just need some thought put into it. When other people comment or answer don't expect to get hard facts, sometimes people will just be answering with whatever that pops into there minds at the time.

So type away :)

Welcome to the discussion board.
This week I think that we should get more specific into the book.
How does dickens life relate to the story?
In the start of your Christmas Carol book you can find, almost, the whole life story, but without too much detail, though it’s enough.
Do you think that Mr. Dickens brought self experience to the book?
How do you think he managed to create the character Scrooge, was that from digging into his own life as well?
Don't worry about this being like a journal entry because it isn't :) just go ahead and jot down your thoughts, don't need much more than that.

Hope to see you again next year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!