The Ghost of Christmas yet to come

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is the spirit of stave 4. He is a Ghost that wears all black robes, with a hood over his face and head. He doesn't speak, but instead, points to what he wants Scrooge to see, hear, or do. He is terrifying to Scrooge, who was deeply disturbed when he first saw him. Scrooge begged him to teach his lesson so that he would not die and be like Marley, bound in 'The chains he had forged himself through life.' The spirit takes Scrooge to many different places, including a stock exchange in the cit, where he hears rich men talk about the death of another rich man, a poor mans trinket shop in the gutter of the city, where he sees soe thieves that have just robbed a dead man, and finally, to a graveyard, where Scrooge reads his own name on one of the many Tombstones.

external image ghostxmastocome.jpg