In the Christmas Carol, you will see that there are quite a lot of things that Scrooge saw from the ghost that made his personality to change and I will be writing them and how it effects him in each stave's of the book.

STAGE 2: The Ghost of Christmas past

Looking at what he was like back in his
boarding school.

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When the ghost of Christmas past takes him to
his old boarding school, he sees and realizes
how lonely he was. He was reading alone by the
when everyone was gone, and he made up friends
such as Ali Baba and Robin Crusoe. Since he was
so lonely back than, he likes to be alone, because
it has been long since he remembered being with
someone, someone that really cared about him
Fan came to get Scrooge from the
boarding school
He starts realizes how important Fan was to him. Since
she is dead, and this makes Scrooge feel sorry for not
being so nice to his nephew just because he reminds
Scrooge of Fan so much. Watching himself and Fan
makes him feel how painful it is to lose someone who
loved him.
Belle leaves the young Scrooge
This made Scrooge feel bad for himself, and Scrooge
wishes he could have done better in the past, but knows
there is nothing he can do now that will get Belle back.
This also makes him feel how painful it is to lose someone
he loved.
Belle marries another guy.
When Belle marries another guy, he feels angry , mostly
toward the ghost, not himself, for showing those scenes
even when it was himself who did such things and made
Belle want to leave him.

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Watching his Christmases in the past makes him a bit of a better person, and lets see what will happen
after meeting the Second Ghost.

Stage 3: The Ghost of Christmas Present

Cause Effect

Watching the dinner at the Cratchits
Bob Cratchit
Bob Cratchit
<--Bob Cratchit
When Scrooge went to the Cratchit's, he saw that
even when the Cratchit's were a lot more poor than
Scrooge, they were happy, and enjoying the spirit
of Christmas. Scrooge feels left out and alone,
because even he has the 'Cash', he is more alone
than anybody else.
Seeing Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim

when Scrooge looks at Tiny Tim on pg.65, He asks
the ghost if Tim will live or not. This part shows that
Scrooge actually isn't as bad as we thought at the
beginning, and that he actually has a heart. He starts
to care about other people, rather than just himself or
Listens to Bob and his wife saying
they wish Scrooge was there with them.
Mrs. Cratchit
Mrs. Cratchit
Mrs. Cratchit
When Scrooge heard that, he feels like he has someone
there that cares about him and wants to be with him.
This is just my opinion but I think he begins to feel
kind towards the Cratchit's starting from here.
Sees his nephew and his niece
Nephew Fred
Nephew Fred
Fred the nephew
When Scrooge's nephew, Fred talks highly of Scrooge and
says he has patience for Scrooge, Scrooge again starts
to feel like he has someone that cares about him and
believes in him. At the beginning of the book, I personally
thought he deserved to be alone, but as I read further into
the book, I began to feel sorry for him also, and I'm sort of
happy for Scrooge that he has someone with him now.