The book "A Christmas Carol" shares many similar ideas and concepts as the modern day world around us.a-christmas-carol.jpgcarolers.jpg
Christmas is pretty much the same everywhere. During the particular time period in the book, the only difference in Christmas was what it was based on.
What I mean by that is, back then it was based on cheerfulness and being jolly, but now it's all about gifts and presents. In stave one, Scrooge encountered a caroler at his front door. As the boy sang, Scrooge did not like it. Therefore, when the boy finished, Scrooge just told him to leave. Later on in the book, when the first spirit comes, he remembers this moment and regrets being so mean to the kind young boy. This tells me that Scrooge is on his way to becoming a nicer person. "How does this relate to our world now?", you might ask. Well it relates because anyone can change. I can almost guarantee that there are people out there today that dislike Christmas, but if something or someone were to encounter that person and try to get him to realize that Christmas is a wonderful holiday, then the person would most likely do what Scrooge did and begin to like Christmas for the rest of their years to come.

People now days are het really excited about Christmas for one of two reasons. The first reason is the one that many people relate to or are interested in; recieving gift and many other material items. The second reason is for thankfulness and the fact that they are able to be with and even have family around with them. Some people have a little bit of both in them. For example, someone could be really excited about receiving gifts yet they won't forget the true meaning of Christmas. It is very easy to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas when you are being bombarded with presents and many spectacular items that you always wanted, sometimes it is even hard to remember to say thank you. It is like Scrooge. People would come by and talk to him and he has absolutely no interest in what they are saying, he just says, "bah humbug". There are many modern day Scrooges. They are mean and have no interest in anything you have for them or want to tell them.

This week I decided to talk more about people like Scrooge. In the book Scrooge is visited by three different ghosts. Modern day scientists say that ghosts are not real they are merly illusions. I almost agree with them because if someone felt guilty enough they could start to dream about what they did wrong and begin to see things that will help them become a better person. Notice that these ghosts were only coming in the night so he could of drempt them if anything. People now days could also dream up ghostly figures to help them through tough times when they have no friends because they are either lonely or are hiding from the world and they think that these illusions are going to help them get through or get out of whatever trouble they are in. I am not trying to contradict the book at all I ma just trying to put it in terms that many other people will understand without analyzing what Dickens said over and over again. Just think about this if you are trying to get through a tough time of your life. That is what these jobs are supposed to do for other people, help them.

This week I will be talking about the reason I think Scrooge had a sudden change of heart during this story. Most people in this world don’t want to be alone for their entire lives, now yes; some people wish to be alone from previous experiences but still these people have been with people at one time whether they liked it or not. From what I read in the book it seemed that Scrooge was a much disliked man and didn’t like people for that same reason, past experiences. I think half the reason why Scrooge changed was because of loneliness and self pity. Scrooge has probably lived with this for a while so when these ghosts or spirits came it just overwhelmed him and his feelings and emotions to him over and he started to care about more than money and himself.

Well I hope you enjoyed this student page and hopefully it helped relate the book to our world a little easier than it would have been by yourself.